About Us

1. Institution
Life leader is an institute of personality development, public speaking and education.
2. 25 yrs of experience
Life leader institute has an experience of 25 years in teaching,training guiding and handling students.
3. 3 yrs aged to 70 years aged students
Life leader has the delight of teaching students between 3 to 70 years aged in various courses.
4. LKG to Ph.D
In life leader institute courses from LKG to Ph.D are offered including communication skills,interview skills,personality development etc..
5. Corporate Training
Life leader trains corporate world too in presentation skills,public speaking,language skills,communication skills,group discussions,and personality development.
6. Self defense and Martial arts Workshops.
All over India workshops on self defense for workshops on self defense for women and girls are done by life leader institute.
7. Life leader motto is ”lead the life, be a life leader.”
8. Very Special and Unique Feature

Life leader institute frames the teaching plan with respect to the needs of the student. there is one to one teaching class,individual study plan,customized service kind to the student and according to the student;s speed, interest and capability group teaching is given.personal attention is the chief feature of life leader institution,in this aspect there is strict commitment.